Adam Medeiros

General Manager

Adam Medeiros started working for Mar-Lees Seafood Inc. when he was 15 and quickly was given responsibilities and duties that marked him as a rising star: he was chosen for the National Fisheries Institute Future Leader Program.

He rose steadily to become Plant Manager, then General Manager for Operations & Procurement at Mar-Lees, where he worked for John Lees and alongside New England Marine’s future controller, Kelly Cardoso, and Director of Vessel Operations, Captain Jack Morris.

For a time he left Mar-Lees to work at American Seafood, now Blue Harvest Fisheries in New Bedford. He returned to Mar-Lees before being reunited with John Lees at New England Marine.

Adam oversees New England Marine’s freezing operations, as well as sales and packaging. He grew up in Mattapoisett, and he and his wife have two children and live in New Bedford.

Meet The Fleet

New England Marine’s five scallopers are berthed in New Bedford, MA, the world’s leading commercial fishing port , and are the best-maintained in the industry. That means our scallops get to your plate while they are at their very freshest and most delicious.