A Successful Partnership Between Fisheries & Fishermen

Scientific research and a partnership with commercial fishermen have guided sensible management practices that have ensured healthy scallop stocks on Georges Bank and elsewhere while allowing fishermen to meet a growing domestic and international appetite for scallops.

New England Marine’s fishermen harvest their catch using the right gear and the most sustainable methods to ensure we are able to bring the finest scallops in the world right to your dinner table — and ours.

Tailored Products

New England Marine can harvest and deliver a product that is tailored to our individual customers’ needs — whether fresh or frozen in all sizes from domestically harvested areas. U-10, U-12, 10-20, 20-30.

Sustainably Sourced

A successful partnership between fisheries researchers and fishermen has made the Atlantic Sea Scallop fishery among the most sustainable — and profitable — fisheries in the world.